Sold                                              Sold

Bride Brain  12"x15"  £175

Still Life with Mandolin after Picasso

13"x14" £200

Blue Mandala 14"x14" £150

Old Hunstanton Beach Huts 12"x9" £125

    Sold                                        Sold 

Sold                                          Sold 

Old Hunstanton 12"x15"  £150

Skull 12"x14"  £175

Litttle Boats at Blakeney 12'x15" £150

Indian Dancer 


​Sold                            Sold 

Buddha 14"x18" £200

Multi-Coloured Mandala 17"x17"  £200

Celestial Angel  16"x 13"  £175

Blue Eyes 12"x16" £200

Sold                                            Sold

Sold                                           Sold

Anna Shore Art

Sold                                     Sold

Broadstairs  12"x12" £150

Wells Next the Sea Beach Huts 20"x20"  £200

African Basket w/Lemons  18"x20"  £250

Catch a Falling Star 16"x18"  £175

Anna Shore Art ©2017 All Rights Reserved

St. Edmunds Arch w/ Hunstanton Lighthouse   

7"x9"  £100​